Daily Questions

Each day, a set of ten questions asses students’ preferred work styles, drives, interests, and career personality.

Daily Job Cards

Students then receive five job cards relating to their preferences. Students can read more about each job and to favorite the jobs in which they are most interested.


The profile allows students to view the preferences that the system has learned about them in terms of interests, workstyles, drives, and personalities.

It’s really interactive and easy. I think high schoolers want the easiest thing that they can, because they’re usually busy with school and extracurriculars. To have something that’s focused on your future but not be overwhelming is a really big deal and its cool that this app does that.

Rising Sophomore Student

The questions make it fun and make you want to come back to the app, which is cool.

Rising Junior Student

I like that it overall treats teens as more than just kids. It definitely treats you like you’re really looking towards your future and becoming an adult. Not just as a child who’s looking for their way and needs adults to help them.

Rising Sophomore Student

It had jobs that look interesting...that I’ve never looked at before, or taken into account that my interests and workstyles might intersect with them.

Rising Junior Student